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This guy sounds like murray from FOTC


by BigDumbHippy

submitted September 27th 2011

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Saving this and watching it after work.
7 years ago
ah the beauty of editing. i like how people edit things so that it "sounds" like they get the answers they want.. but never the whole explanation. if you notice as soon as he gets confirmation to his questions theres an immediate cut he even cuts off the next words which is probably an explanation. its good in a way that people are exposed to being sheep.. the next seemingly logical thought becomes their new moral direction. but if they change their minds that quickly its also a good chance they will change it right back as soon as someone just as good comes along with the opposite view.

i wish i was on there... then again id peobably be edited out because id go toe to toe with this guy. and thats CLEARLY not the kind of message he wants to send. so after talking to 100 people he edits out the ones who have good valid reasons and even the ones who challenge him to where hes speechless. so you kinda gotta take this with a grain of salt. since its not the unedited version.
7 years ago
conformation bias. However, this does show that there is still people who are not educated and it's easy to see why there are so many misconceptions about things considered facts. It's easy to see why there are so many nutjob conspiracy theorists *cough* zeke
7 years ago
Also this guy is asking a lot of loaded questions and comparing apples and oranges
7 years ago
its called fate. shit happens will happen and have happened

fuckin guy needs to get over it. but then again im the same as these dumb fuckin drones expressing my pointless opinion
7 years ago
funny thing is that guy with the mohawk obviously has jewish ancestors
7 years ago
this is so bad
5 years ago
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