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9 11 Myth Debunking in 50 seconds

Those towers just went clunkity clunk. Tried looking for it but didnt find it apologies if its a repost. I thought it was pretty funny.


by reverber

submitted September 26th 2011

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seems legit
7 years ago
they do make a good arguement
7 years ago
clunkity clunk sounds good to me
7 years ago
as if gravity could beat sound pah...
7 years ago
i dont understand how so many people fall for those stupid fucking movies about it when they take a couple hours to watch and he videos proving them as bullshit take at most 2 minutes

some people must just have a lot of free time on their hands
7 years ago
the pentagon conspiracy videos baffle me, how do people fall for the bull when the evidence is there for them to see once the smoke clears. there is blatant evidence of impact along the wall after the smoke has cleared, add to thst the fact the pentagon is probably a hardened structure and it more then accounts for what you can see. on a side note i saw the pics from inside the pentagon and it gave me the creeps, it looks so eerie inside.
7 years ago
Fake. Can't see her.
7 years ago
still a pretty funny notion though
7 years ago
5 years ago
Cool beans.
5 years ago
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