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RC helicopter

Well damn that is impressive


by drumrave

submitted September 26th 2011

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That's fucking awesome.
6 years ago
...plus it controls the mosquitoes
6 years ago
better than suicide bombing
6 years ago
6 years ago
Wow Impressive. That's a pretty long run too, it's hard to keep your concentration at such a high level for that amount of time.
6 years ago
i'd be more impressed if he used it to trim the trees.
6 years ago
I hire this guy to trim my lawn
6 years ago
Apparently they didnt read the fuel mixture instructions.
6 years ago
This is probably the first time he took it outside, so this probably all he knows how to do.
6 years ago
I do that all the time with my helicopter, difference is I'm just trying to get the damned stupid fucking stubborn bastard thing to hover. :(((((
6 years ago
Fake helicopters cant fly upsidedown
4 years ago
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