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The Coke Tease

The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down: The Coke Tease


by whirlingdurbish

submitted September 25th 2011

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lolol... I was the banana, cause I'm you know, yellow...
6 years ago
That's the only part I can relate to.
6 years ago
"Fiend"? try cokewhore.
6 years ago
I've seen this whole movie or whatever it is. I think
6 years ago
the boys & girls guide to getting down...pretty much, i started just clicking on the youtube link to go right to youtube for these stupid embeds.
5 years ago
oh, it says it up in the description....funny, i just naturally figure someone that is too incompetent to upload a video won't have anything useful to say in the description....
5 years ago
angle of the dangle
6 years ago
heat of the meat
2 years ago
I don't get it
2 years ago
recover password
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