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Why we're white

The robotic voice is annoying as hell, but this explains why Northern Europeans are the only white people in the world--basically a vitamin D deficiency. You can read it here: http://knol.google.com/k/why-are-europeans-white-e1#


by xzekiel

submitted September 25th 2011

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another thing is that cheese is old milk
7 years ago
My question is this, "Why the fuck is this video 11:21 long?!"
7 years ago
It's a six part presentation.
7 years ago
am i the only one who finds this fascinating?
7 years ago
I think you're the only one that actually watched it.
7 years ago
hey zeke - that firstrow place is very cool, even for non-sports programming...
*thinks aboot finally canceling my cable now*
7 years ago


there's a lot out there, but live american sports is usually the hardest to find, and they often get shut down or change. But I manage without a tv.
7 years ago
justin.tv, zonein.tv, and of course torrents.....
7 years ago
not going into torrentland, ever - but thanks in general...:)

protip: DO start smoking again - you'll do a complete and total backslide if you dont
7 years ago
I don't deal well with weed anymore. Paranoia and all, won't do it again. Now coke I miss.
7 years ago
Maybe it was the inbreeding?
7 years ago
maybe you should watch it or read the fucking link
7 years ago
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