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Consecutive Male Orgasm


Think you can be a porn star? Compare yourself to this pro first.


by Supraliminal

submitted September 25th 2011

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The stamina!
7 years ago
5 years ago
He must be able to control his balls one at a time
7 years ago
i can do that, but ffs it looked like he had more jizz the 2nd time

i like to bang chicks hard from behind then turn them over and fuck them softly, they fucking love that
7 years ago
I saw this on efukt a couple of days ago but when I tried to sub it here the link didn't work. Oh well, this dude has skills.
7 years ago
thats what you get for trying to submit a webpage containing a video and not an actual video, faggot
7 years ago
If you didn't go into the smut peddling business, you would have been a good diplomat.
7 years ago
or a therapist...
7 years ago
i can do this.. i dont see the big amazement. i kinda trained myself to do this by accident.

iw as always worried about girls making fun of me if i didnt last long enough. so i just kinda avoided that by instead of lasting id just go multiple times with maybe a minute delay this way it works even better for me cause i get my nuts off and shes happy cause id just diddle her to keep her heated till im ready to go again.

7 years ago
I wonder what the fuck does he think of in those few seconds of ejaculation? I would have been remembering great Tv shows.
6 years ago
I used to be able to do that
5 years ago
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