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Doc Thompson and Money Well Spent

Gotta love the honesty.


by Rolandofgilead

submitted September 25th 2011

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Doc Thompson and Money Well Spent
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too bad that never got cashed
7 years ago
You can't prove that. In '79 the cancellation stamps would have been on the back of the check.
7 years ago
According to bank policy if the items in both check amount fields (numerical and written) do not match, they will not cash the check. In this the written does not match the numerical as the numerical is missing the ending zero as well as the cents. It may have been cashed, after consulting with Mr. Thompson, but I'm sure that the teller at the bank would have been smart to put it into question, seeing as how large the check is made out for, and especially for what. As far as the stamp you are quite right.
7 years ago
Someone works as a bank cashier...& just wrote a whole load or boring.
7 years ago
OJ is an expert on loads and boring
7 years ago
Doc Thompson? of KING HELL?
7 years ago
I'd a bought weed instead. Coke wasn't nearly as big in the 70's
7 years ago
the most telling thing about this being fake is the check number
6 years ago
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