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how do you make a young girl bleed?


shoot her in the knee


by pedrobeara

submitted September 24th 2011

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i was thinking of something else
7 years ago
crazy that someone could do that to a kid.
7 years ago
Now, that's two things I know about young girls.
The first thing I've learned is how to make them cry twice,
after you get done raping them, wipe your dick off on their baby doll.
7 years ago
How you do you make a 5 year old girl cry twice? answer- wipe your bloody dick on her teddy bear
7 years ago
whats the best part about fucking a 11 year old boy?

when you are done you can flip him over and pretend you are having sex with an 11 year old girl.
7 years ago
aw shit, i didnt read toolmans one right before this. damn beers..
7 years ago
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