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Stupid Girls Compilation


by thatdude420

submitted September 22nd 2011

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I still love um
6 years ago
rofl at the chick who takes a shot in the mouth like a pro
6 years ago
I laughed so hard at the girl getting hit with the ball.

"Stupid girls compilation", like it's her fault someone with a cannon for an arm fired and exercise ball at her face while she was holding a drink.
6 years ago
*an not and
6 years ago
fuck off bono. Oh wait.
5 years ago
6 years ago
wonder wy i almost feel concerned when i chick falls but laugh my balls off no matter how hard a dude gets trashed
5 years ago
cos you're a faggot. Freud not needed here.
5 years ago
That was great!
5 years ago
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