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Fun with automatic weapons

Gun collectors showing off their collections of automatic weapons. I love the kid with the Bush - Cheney t-shirt. All of the anti american / anti gun comments can start here_________________________


by mucholderguy

submitted August 20th 2005

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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no they dont. the yreally dont man. and the dude with the larry the cable guy is right "If guns are responsible for killing people, then my pencil is responsible for mispelled words.".and its true.(i think sum1 posted this joke already but w/e). and look at england they have no guns. their illegal. yet somehow their one city(london) has the highest crime rate in the whole world. and if we get rid of the guns were gunna start suing crossbows. then when their band we'll use staffs then when their band we'll use knives and so on. point is no mattwer what were still gunna find a way 2 kill eachotherno matter wat is banned. and even if we did ban guns(wehich i know wont happen) then only the good people will turn in the guns. the bad ppl who bought em just for killing aren't. so think about it u damn hippy
12 years ago
yea that was months ago^^^^ i spelled banned horribly wrong and made me look like a retard. but my opinion sticks. hilary clinton can go fuck herself
12 years ago
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