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Dead Island: 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage


by thatdude420

submitted September 20th 2011

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Got the game today and was conned by the boxes fucking claims of being co-op playable offline. IS IT FUCK!!! Grrrrr, gonna now have to deal with pricks online now. It is good though!
7 years ago
That's cause you're not on steam.... this game is fucking awesome, been playing it when ever I get a free moment.
7 years ago
steam is bad and you should feel bad
7 years ago
The game play is awesome I bet online is too (when you dont have a whiny voiced kid), My problem is when the box says its 2 player co-op offline possible and its not.,
7 years ago
Out of all the people I've played with so far, they sound like they're all in their mid 20's.
7 years ago
well it looks like shit but it is on 360
7 years ago
Well this is pretty fuckin awesome.
7 years ago
Reminds me of Postal 2.
7 years ago
1 year ago
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