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World of Warcraft family

at least they're more normal than half of you guys


by drumrave

submitted September 18th 2011

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I just wanna know how many posts have "COMPARED TO YOUSE GUIZ" or something similar in the description
7 years ago
Reduction ad absurdum.
7 years ago
hate x10
7 years ago
awwwww :)
7 years ago
This is sick.....

And I'd probably own the living shit out of them in game as well if I still played.
7 years ago
nothing sick about a family finding a way to enjoy themselfs whilst spending time with each other...... also rofl your a warcraft nerd.
7 years ago
used to be when the game was fun and new, not the same repackaged shit...
7 years ago
you wished you played with your parents you fuckin fag
7 years ago
that faggots nascent stache is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
7 years ago
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