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Horse Castration

spin me right off


by drumrave

submitted September 18th 2011

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I always thought this form of castration was too messy, too high of chance of infection. We just banded.
7 years ago
banded? Ive never heard of that. Is that like slapping on a really tight rubber band and killing the blood supply?
7 years ago
yes, exactly that
7 years ago
Drums pays better attention to my comments than I do I guess, but yeah, basically just a big band that will fall off with the sac after a few days.
7 years ago
i'm not sure which would hurt more...twisty power tool, or a tight rubberband
7 years ago
Dirty jobs did a section on that. Cutting if off quick like this is preferable to leaving the animal in pain for a few days.
7 years ago
It does seem like an awful lot of unnecessary work...there aren't chemicals that take care of this?
7 years ago
Ask professor Drumrave.
7 years ago
meatspin part deux? at least it's painless for the animal
7 years ago
painless how so?
7 years ago
Just like a stubborn tree branch.
5 years ago
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