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Ron Paul 2012

Constitution read it and live by it.


by whirlingdurbish

submitted September 18th 2011

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ron paul is such a fuckhead, he pretends like his plans would save the world but hes not willing to use executive orders like roosevelt to do it

and speaking of the debate i loved all those pro-lifers showing they dont give a fat ass rat fucking a flying pig in shit rain about anyone after theyre born
7 years ago
Excuse me, but aren't Executive Orders a little undemocratic?

Congress is there for a reason.
7 years ago
It doesn't matter how good or bad Ron Paul is. All fucking politicians are fucking idiots and feed off each other's bullshit. The best politicians are swallowed whole by the masses' agendas.
7 years ago
lol, brits
7 years ago
Ron Paul sleeps with a pillow under his Constitution.

He doesn't have an alarm clock; he wakes up every morning to the call of Freedom.
7 years ago
The Patriot is actually a true story based on Ron Paul
7 years ago
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