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Brake/break a train with a train

Train crash last winter, the result of one train running a red light.


by Lowieken

submitted September 17th 2011

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Brake/break a train with a train
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definitely break
7 years ago
Brake is what he should have done.
6 years ago
* Sporty shoos MF *

go on...get out of here
6 years ago
lol...our locomotives are a wee bit more substantial than a passenger trains.
7 years ago
Most locomotives here are full electric, some diesels, but most are full electric. I've seen trains about half a mile long here, they use 3 locomotives then. I think power wise they are about the same but they don't look as cool as the american ones though.
7 years ago
I took a coal train to norfolk last week that was over a mile a long and we only ran two locomotives. When there is a collision between two of our diesels they get bent up a little bit but usually shoot off the rails in opposite directions or one locomotive will jump on top of the other.
7 years ago
Speeds are relative high here. I wouldn't know for a coal train but closed cars on longer distances run at about 100 mph.
7 years ago
i hope nobody got hurt
3 years ago
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