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Squeal like a pig!

Warthog Rape, someone needs to tell that Leopard that no means NO!


by TheFunk

submitted September 16th 2011

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6 years ago
yeeeeah... that wasn't what i call even, chances are the leopard just circled back around for the warthog
6 years ago
That's gonna sting for a while.
6 years ago
Found my new ringtone.
6 years ago
hakuna matata!!!
6 years ago
wut a wonderful fraze
6 years ago
Bad way to go. Too bad it took so long.
5 years ago
I thought Ned Beaty was in trouble again.
5 years ago
that's a lot of work for some bacon
5 years ago
I went to the zoo today, where they now have warthogs.

I saw the warthogs getting their groove on.

* smerf cues the Barry White *
5 years ago
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