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Condom commerical

funny condom commercial..


by conky

submitted September 15th 2011

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Typical fuckin cock tease ... ouh yeah come get me baby take me right here on the couch... then no, no I cant, I cant. Cunt
7 years ago
Tits or gtfo...
7 years ago
Holy Fuck
7 years ago
I have yet to take one with the MS sign on it to make it legit.
7 years ago
As of yet you haven't posted anything legitimate or illegitimate.
7 years ago
surely rapemyassplz would contribute sometime soon
7 years ago
Only time will tell...
7 years ago
Ill find something good to put up soon enough.
7 years ago
sorry but that reminded me of the movie Coneheads
7 years ago
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