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Mexico Builds Border Wall

I wouldnt blame them


by kaychuk

submitted September 14th 2011

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yea.... this was the faggot way.
7 years ago
So who's the president of Mexico? Answer: Jose Cuervo
7 years ago
basically repeat this story in english and rename mexico to canada and you have the same problem ;/
7 years ago
when the fuck did el Presidente Speedy Gonzalez get out of office??
7 years ago
When he got shot by the Zetas
7 years ago
republicans are so stupid. you should give them amnesty so you can be that much harsher to the ones who come illegally after that point

but most of them cant see whats 2 feet in front of them because their fried butter stick guts are blocking their view, so who the fuck am i to expect them to think that far ahead
7 years ago
Republicans are too busy trying to convince retards that illegals hurt the economy to do much thinking these days.
7 years ago
Pelicans too. How can they put that much shit in their beaks and still fly!!??
7 years ago
7 years ago
Exactly. I'm Canadian; wth do I know about American politics?
7 years ago
Everything, all your televisions are belong to us.
7 years ago
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