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Eyeborg the real life Cyborg

A film-maker who lost his eye during a shooting accident as a child has turned his prosthetic one into a video camera.


by pooch

submitted September 13th 2011

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awesome. i think i want to put one in my penis
7 years ago
if only it looked a bit better
7 years ago
and 'eyeborg' sounds stupid as fuck...
its just a cybernetic implant regardless of what part of it is robotic... its not like people with cybernetic hands are called handborgs or shit... fuck him
7 years ago
so If you have a cybernetic dick you're not a Dickborg??
7 years ago
oh my god... she just said 'the bionic men in terminator'
* yak flips his shit *

i need to have a drink or something....
7 years ago
I really dont see how that second eye is of any use to him though, he cant walk about holding that damn monitor all the time.
7 years ago
Agreed, It would be a lot more useful, if you placed it on top of your shoe.
7 years ago
Why are you doing this mag, have you gone crazy or something?
2 years ago
mucho is broken
2 years ago
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