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Pesky Bee Problem

Assholes live with a Bee infestation problem for 10 years?


by TheFunk

submitted September 13th 2011

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They never heard the buzzing in the walls? That would drive me fucking nuts.
7 years ago
so the bees arn't dying, they're just hiding in houston?
7 years ago
Free honey!! Why would you call anyone to get rid of them?
7 years ago
yeah the honey looks good they should harvest it since theyre going to trash the hive anyway.
7 years ago
i think if ur ceiling was full of bees your last thought would be "lets save the honey"
7 years ago
nah, it would be my second or third thought at worst
3 years ago
setting the place on fire would have been easier.
7 years ago
I wonder how he bumbled onto that hive.
-AHAHAHAHHaaaa! *anaphylactic shock*
7 years ago
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