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Fake Store Optical Illusion

Oh, this store looks inter.. *SMACK*


by yak

submitted September 12th 2011

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HAAAAAAAH i could sit out in front of that all day just eating food at watching idiots run into that.
7 years ago
Put some paint on it so it leaves a nice mark on everyone's forehead.
7 years ago
Its really funny because the guy doesnt realize the image of the store isnt changing relative to his own position. Kids these days
7 years ago
I keep watching the beginning to see where that guy even came from. Could this be fake?
7 years ago
its real it was on the news the other day
7 years ago
he could have very easily come from the right side of the fame behind that grey box thing
7 years ago
Do you believe everything you see on the news?
7 years ago
If it is real, I'm impressed by the excellent timing. The camera guy had the "store" in the shot for less than a second and was zooming in before someone walked into it. Framed it beautifully. Just seems a little too perfect for me. Usually these candid videos take a little while or are fixed frames.
7 years ago
what im impressed with is the fact that you don't know that people can actually crop videos in order to contain only the interesting stuff in said video...
welcome to the future.
7 years ago
The best part is when the cartoon bird actually walks into the store.
7 years ago
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