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I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Supposedly there are 6 girls in the vehicle


by hidden2122

submitted September 11th 2011

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A car full of blondes and vodka, most definitely a win.
7 years ago
except not a single one would touch you
7 years ago
will broke up with jada because he had too much integrity to keep forcing their terrible children on american pop culture
7 years ago
...I hate this fucking song.
7 years ago
thats illegal, open alkohols.
7 years ago
Only in the land of the free.
7 years ago
Thankfully they had the fatty shooting the camera, but unfortunately she turned it on herself like women do...
7 years ago
i would fuck the shit out of the girl in the blue shirt with the nice rack.
7 years ago
So.... where's the part where they crash?
7 years ago
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