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Brewdog's "End Of History" Beer

For only $765 you could be the happy owner of this 55% beer packaged inside a dead squirrel/weasel/hare.


by Jones

submitted September 10th 2011

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I'd buy a possum bottle.
7 years ago
yea these are awesome, the first ones were under 100$ for a limited time i thought tho? probably doesn't taste that great tho considering how alcoholic they are.. im not a huge fan of super alcoholic beers, they taste (obviously) like hard liquor.
that being said tho, brewdog makes some pretty awesome beer, i keep getting emails lately from them about trying to get more share holders to expand, but like i have any money to invest in them ;P
7 years ago
I'd have bought one at that price. Yeah 55 sounds a bit intense, but I'd love to try it, haven't really had a bad brew by Brewdog yet. Bit curious, do you have any Mikkeller beers in the area?
Haha, those silly jocks certainly know how to pick their investors.
7 years ago
mikkeller havent heard of it
.. brewdog has some crazy good beers tho.. their punk ipa is awesome.. but be prepared for some insane bitterness
its like rogue ipa if youve had that.. both awesome
brewdog and another company keep fighting for the 'most alcoholic' beer in the world...
7 years ago
jones, why did you switch breeds?
7 years ago
The Mikkeller guy makes some awesome and innovative beers, if you get the chance try his "Beer Geek Brunch" which contains rare coffee beans picked from weasel droppings.
Yeah, I recall that their ipa has a very high IBU. Never been much for the extremely bitter ipas, but I like theirs. Yeah, I think they were competing with Schorschbräu, at least at the time they made EOH.
7 years ago
My avatar hasn't returned to normal yet? Changed it back last night.
I saw the photo and thought it could be fun to shake things up a bit, see the reactions and such, my own little Leopard "Claude v2.0" adventure.
7 years ago
it's back. I understand fucking with avys is fun and all, but god damn, do you think I read your names?
7 years ago
Well it's the only time I've done it sans the christmas hat edition, but it won't happen again anytime soon. In my defense, it was pretty much the same avatar, just different fur colors.
7 years ago
Oh ya....Claude v2...I remember that prick.
7 years ago
Id totally buy something like this, awesome idea
7 years ago
welfare dont cover that
7 years ago
Ill just make my own with yer fuckin cat
7 years ago
Use Samoo ;)
7 years ago
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