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They make men look like ants



by flyawaytroll

submitted September 9th 2011

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They make men look like ants
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she'll never get that shirt neckline to lay right again after stretching it out like that :/
7 years ago
Deja, I don't think she cares.

And neither do I.
7 years ago
If you squint your eyes, it kinda looks like a nut sack

No Homo
7 years ago
one of my top 5 when I was a kid... http://youtu.be/j3uH_YOBX6s
7 years ago
i dare you to post one of those links again... c'mon... i double dare you! do it! do it!
7 years ago
* yak and the hammer beings to rise. *
7 years ago
7 years ago
LOL....dare I skate on the thin ice?
7 years ago
there isn't even ice...
7 years ago
fiiiiiiine...whatever (slow crawl stage left..hopefully Thor will put his hammer away for the evening)
7 years ago
7 years ago
<mas-11262> what the fuck are with these unspoken psycho posting rules deja?
<deja> huh?
<deja> let's see... rules...
<deja> tits or gtfo
<deja> don't post 'first'
<deja> don't be an idiot
<y4K> what you are doing would fall under 3
<mas-11262> why?
<deja> i still don't have access to banning people yet.... so don't blame me
<y4K> uh.... you are posting completely stupid youtube links on everything for no fucking reason
<mas-11262> but you have GOD ranking?
<mas-11262> no special powers like Yak?
<deja> yeah, but no knowledge of programming
<deja> if i knew programming, i could do it
<mas-11262> ok...so who's supposed to post first?
<deja> i don't understand that sentence
<mas-11262> you said no first posting...WHY?
<deja> you know... the comment "first"
<deja> cause it's stupid and annoying
<mas-11262> someone has to post a first comment right?
<y4K> whats your first language?
<y4K> is it english
<mas-11262> si senior
<deja> the word "first"
<deja> not a whole real comment
<mas-11262> up ur meds my friend....I have no clue what the fuck your saying
<mas-11262> are u pissed about the URL posts, or because I post a comment on a new post?
* deja facepalms
<y4K> if i were to facepalm right now my hand would literally smash through my skull and shoot into outerspace
7 years ago
<deja> i give two shits if you comment on any post
<deja> those urls you keep posting on every fucking comment you do make is what is being referred to
<mas-11262> more unspoken geek rules I'm guessing
<deja> and i think you need to lay off whatever drugs your on because everything i have said has made perfect, clear sense
<deja> you're*
<mas-11262> maybe to ur friends in the AV group, but not here
<mas-11262> clarity is not one of your strong suits
<deja> i bet you anyone else in this chat understood what i was saying perfectly fine
<y4K> im trying to understand your mental process right now mas-11262
<y4K> and it has literally made me a retard
<y4K> just by trying to think like you
<y4K> i have become retarded
7 years ago
7 years ago
Oh, fucking kids these days....
7 years ago
damn, we sure do get some of the dumbest fucks still breathing on this site from time to time
7 years ago
ill say it again.. its like sith.. whenever one leaves another takes its place
7 years ago
does this remind anyone else of abbott and costello?
7 years ago
yeah zeke, mas just wants to know whos on first =(
7 years ago
who IS on first
7 years ago
it's still going on in chat :( i'm going to make dips for our 9-11 party tomorrow that all you losers are no longer invited to :P (except heather... she can still come)
7 years ago
*tears up plane ticket*
7 years ago
i uninvited heather as well just now
7 years ago
can I come?
7 years ago
is that like saying Hitler?
7 years ago
7 years ago
The Gods have URL Misophonia
7 years ago
and First Post Misophonia
7 years ago
ur fucking retarded...and not the good kind either
7 years ago

M- Muchosucko's kingdom..a basement based row of daisy chained 386's which Yak and Deja refer to as their "server farm"

U- Underwear..something that's never been worn by Yak or Deja so Drum has daily "I wanna be a Mod pleeez guys" access for his scat huffing obsession

C- Cunt..defined as an IT rube's obsession with Geek Law (you know who u are)

H- Homosexuals...where do we begin?....the site is rampant with closeted sausage gobblers...Bono (aka Drum's Renfield) being on the "top" of the list

O- Obsessive Compulsive's...all of us members who think MS is the best site on the net as a home for our dark, evil, sick and twisted sense of humor
7 years ago
Smooth move
7 years ago
Deja doesn't wear underwear? That's hot.
7 years ago
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