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tower climber

can you do this?


by revok

submitted September 7th 2011

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My dad actually used to work on these when he was in college. There's no bathrooms up there, and you're supposed to climb down if you have to piss.

Needless to say, they don't climb down, and he's urinated on the city of San Francisco from a great height.
7 years ago
I wonder if these guys ever thought about base jumping on the way down.
7 years ago
I see three problems with that: hauling your base jumping gear up there as well as your tools, getting your tools down and it being against company policy.
7 years ago
I'm sure the gear is heavy, but tell me it wouldn't be a fun base jumping from that high altitude, plus the gear would act as insurance in case the guy slips and falls.
7 years ago
I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun. I'm saying the company wouldn't support it due to the insurance costs.
7 years ago
ok now youre up there... what the fuck do you do? doesnt look like much that would need to be"fixed"
7 years ago
When I was stationed in Italy, I was responsible for changing the air warning lights on our radio towers. Our towers were only 100' towers, but it was still pretty crazy.
7 years ago
FUCK THAT! My hands are sweaty just from watching this. The guy with the camera completely lets go at 7:18 . Crazy.
7 years ago
And then you fuck!
7 years ago
They couldn't pay me enough to do that job
7 years ago
did it
7 years ago
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