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underwater urination



by fabsjr420

submitted September 6th 2011

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underwater urination
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she's going to get an infection
7 years ago
That isn't the way it works........ is it?
7 years ago
I get UTIs if I piss in water like that
7 years ago
Wow. +1 team immune system I guess.
7 years ago
(That means I've never had an infection and I piss everywhere).
7 years ago
Uhhh, unless she has a two-way urethra, that is unlikely.
7 years ago
So what the fuck is wrong with drums?
7 years ago
Well, it might take a list for that.

a. Self image issues.
b. No real direction in life.
c. Under-achiever syndrome.
d. Brewing a nice raging alcoholic problem.
e. Fascination with skanks.
f. Homophobic
g. More than an average racist.
h. Parental issues.
i. Mexican.

7 years ago
Drum the uti is more likely from something in the water... and not your urine, because urine is sterile.
7 years ago
Mmmmm....the thought of Heather and urine...

Im strangely aroused...
7 years ago
someones dehidrated
5 years ago
I saw a bubble come out of her vag. What a queefer.
7 years ago
Was that iodine?
She needs to drink more water.
7 years ago
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