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Sea Pork?

While in Nigeria one of my cousins told me about a whale that had washed up at a beach, this is the news report.


by kaychuk

submitted September 6th 2011

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I bet those whale war faggots would cry at the sight of this. Im quite certain the whale was still alive when they started cutting it up. Which is quite horrible to imagine.
6 years ago
it was breathing right?
pretty sure its breathing
6 years ago
I think they might have been pushing it over, that or its breathing.
6 years ago
They must not have KFC's in Nigeria
6 years ago
Can somebody translate what they were saying?
6 years ago
yeah, first guy says

"I watched the whale very well, and this isnt an ordinary whale its a sea pork."

The reporter asks "Sea Pork?"

Hes like "Yeah they have sea pork, sea elephant, anything you can find on the land they have it in the water too."
6 years ago
The second dude says "The fish looks like an autobus... We have been buying fish from the market, but we have never been 1 on 1 with the sea fish. This one is a live aquarium ,we call this a live aquarium."

The last guy says that they whale is a sign from god for Nigerians to take control and vote in the (then) upcoming election.
6 years ago
lol...thanks for that!
6 years ago
No problem.
6 years ago
A sign that the El Porky Piggo The Great will rise from the pumpkin patch in a fortnight with Jonah and reign for a 1000 years...
6 years ago
The reporter didn't even get raped. So disappointed.
6 years ago
The video is titled sea pork, if you want to see a reporter get raped, one was sexually assaulted in egypt by a mob for an hour. That shit was awful.
6 years ago
6 years ago
mmm. Whale meat.It's what's for dinner.
4 years ago
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