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Usher's Goat

I'll see your Oprah goat and raise you an usher goat.


by Typical

submitted September 3rd 2011

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this submission has been deleted.
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im pretty sure this is also a repost.. but i cant be fucked to look for it
7 years ago
im gonna upvote it anyway cause its still funny.
7 years ago
Whoops! I totally forgot to look! My bad.
7 years ago
s'ok typs - lot of that going around since the re-spawn of MS
7 years ago
Thanks possum! How you been?
7 years ago
i'm mostly okay...you still in the Rochester area?
(he sez in a non-stalking tone of voice)
7 years ago
Yes I am.
7 years ago
Somebody need to make Gyros out of this annoying bitch.
7 years ago
...sounds delicious.
7 years ago
Gyros are made out of goat? Hey tool what do you call a middle eastern sandwich made out of a lambs heart,kidneys and lungs? an organ donair.
7 years ago
Goat, Lamb, what's the difference
7 years ago
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