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Chinky dashcam WTF

The last two mins are nothing.


by El_Wanko

submitted September 3rd 2011

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makes me wonder why the idiot woman driving didnt just park in a side slot so the dude could pass if he had too instead of blocking the way and geting hit ..lol
7 years ago
Well.. there were 2 kinds of bad driver at once... female and Asian.
5 years ago
the worst part about it is hearing the kid
7 years ago
and the woman is pregnant. Fuck that guy in the green car. I hope they killed him
7 years ago
both drivers ared complete fuckwits. she had time to get out the way and he had planty of room to turn arouns he he had hald a brain or bawls enough to get out the car and whoop some ass ..
7 years ago
Asian drivers are fuckwits? No way....
7 years ago
There's no way in hell that pregnant "Chinese" woman backed all the way down that alley without hitting a single thing.
7 years ago
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