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Drunken Slurring Dwarf sings

Cutie Patootie


by whirlingdurbish

submitted September 2nd 2011

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this is a repost right?
6 years ago
Yup. They changed just enough in the title to avoid copyright infringement.
6 years ago
Fuck you durbish, this is not funny.
6 years ago
It is sexy though.
6 years ago
cutee pahtuttee...ahhh..
6 years ago
this is kinda creepy...
6 years ago
They all look so disgusted. I still would fuck Leah Remini though.
6 years ago
whats that!? is it a bird!? is it a plane!? no! its an eating disorder in this fat girls future!
6 years ago

fucking toddlers and tiaras
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6 years ago
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