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Nancy Kerrigan

Whyyyyyy whyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyy?


by kaychuk

submitted September 1st 2011

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the fun starts at 1:35

he hit her with a collapsible police baton
6 years ago
you can take the girl out of the trailer.....
6 years ago
It is what you get for letting the white chick practice in da 'hood n sheet.
6 years ago
No one remembers this bitch anymore, and now Tonya Harding is doing comedy on VH-1 and had that nasty ass porno out.
6 years ago
6 years ago
Damn it Michael Phelps!
why u betray us and do drugs
6 years ago
Maybe because they're fun, and he was bored?
6 years ago
"Something really, really hard." I had forgot about that.
6 years ago
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