by seanmiester

submitted August 31st 2011

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oh, its a black joke!!!
7 years ago
7 years ago
This joke is old but remains funny.

side note: Aspirin holds little therapeutic value and is generally harmful.
7 years ago
Further side note: bullshit. People just think that aspirin is a pain killer, which it isn't.
7 years ago
footnote: aspirin is for pussies
7 years ago
Noteworthy note: I just smoke cannabis whenever I feel ill.
7 years ago
Note to the noteworthy note: I just smoke cannabis whenever i feel.
7 years ago
I wonder if Black people would be more inclined to buy aspirin if it were made black/dark brown. It seems like they buy a lot of brown cars. I asked a Black friend why this is...
7 years ago
what a fuck is pro
7 years ago
See, Planty...Pro tends to send signals to intercontinental diaper villages, whereas non-pros do the exact same thing. So, as you will agree, any time fuck is introduced as a dangling participle, well, lol I don't have to tell you that the results can be pretty embarassing.
7 years ago
I agree.
3 years ago
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