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Bull fighting on horseback.

The sport may be cruel but those horses are awesome.


by conky

submitted August 29th 2011

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conky's a big evanescence fan
7 years ago
lol if i knew how to remove it i would have...better then the beeb..
7 years ago
Didn't care much for the animal cruelty...but I love that song. Plus those are some bad ass horses...so upvote.
7 years ago
id rather see the guy fall of the horse and get trampled.. And no animals get harmed..
7 years ago
Evanessence .... downvote, did not watch.
7 years ago
Lol at sinaitis
3 years ago
Horses are truly amazing animals. However, the guy riding the horse should be run down and mauled by the bull. That's entertainment.
7 years ago
those horses are indeed bad ass.. they broke that bulls ankles like barry sanders.
7 years ago
ohh. Now I get the appeal.
3 years ago
dv for evanescence, nightwish or whatever that crap band is called
3 years ago
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