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Hitler vs. Vader battle

music videos

by Crashninja

submitted August 29th 2011

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Please stop posting these.
7 years ago
wtf i didnt see this posted prior to this, had i known it had been posted i wouldnt have posted it
7 years ago
Not this one specifically. Just a bunch of other ones.
7 years ago
oh well damn. had i known that i wouldnt have posted any cause well once you have seen one of them well whats the fucking point right haha
7 years ago
This one was reposted before as well.
7 years ago
About two weeks ago, I think.
7 years ago
its called using the fucking search...
7 years ago
wtf this was on here the other week , i seriously hope you're not going to post the others.... if you do , then post Napoleon V Napoleon
7 years ago
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