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"I Kill and sell cats to restaurants!"

How to earn your money when you're living in Amsterdam and you came from "Indonesia with big, big boat.....cargo boat"? You just do what you did in Indonesia: kill & sell cats. Anyone fancy a take-away?


by gbst

submitted July 30th 2005

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I believe I have found my calling in life... im off to get some poison
12 years ago
9 years ago
if he touched my cat, i would kill him!
7 years ago
oh my fucking lord!

welcome back Rking!

i thought you were gone forever!

*likes life in general now*

7 years ago
Are you going to welcome back every user to Mucho like its the fucking opening scene of the Love Boat? Jesus, you candy-ass faggot.
7 years ago
you know who I haven't seen? Botfly.
7 years ago
i just LOOOVE RKING though!
7 years ago
who the fuck is botfly?
7 years ago
apparently a nobody
7 years ago
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