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they know your a mucho member when...


by pedrobeara

submitted August 25th 2011

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they know your a mucho member when...
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eh ?
7 years ago
guess my mom is dumber than she is. i was on the fucking awesome roll through highschool
7 years ago
just stupid...as usual
post tits, or dont - i really dont give a shit you unfunny whore
7 years ago
you are so angry today
7 years ago
i am?

hmm...(checks recent comments)...?
7 years ago
Out of curiosity by what means do old mucho posts get rated? As in http://muchosucko.com/50475/Wifes-Bikini 54 people thought this was mucho worthy. By what means did you think 54 people thought such? Is it 54 different people commented?
7 years ago
Really its ok poss,
Everyone dies, it's crazy that steven now too is dead
How did he die?? I don't even know what his last comment on here is
and I'm afriad to look :(
bros 4 life!
7 years ago
i'm all mellow and stuff...wtf?
7 years ago
dublin it was actually just a formula i came up with in order to give them 'something'
i didnt really want to develop logic to give them up/down votes and shit
its based off of comments, hits and a few other things
7 years ago
@dublin - i was wondering the same thing mice elf
7 years ago
itll take awhile to out 'point' some of the old posts but i suspect it will happen once the site gets a little more settled down and such
7 years ago
good answer!

*golf claps in a civil tone*
7 years ago
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