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Planet of the apes

Rave version

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by Sporty

submitted August 24th 2011

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holy shit this is fucking awesome
my brain has literally exploded
7 years ago
lol, someone used upvote x10
7 years ago
this is literally the best video ive seen in the past 30 seconds
7 years ago
Thats it, I'm turning off my computer and thowing it away. Nothing on the internet is ever going to top this.
7 years ago
This is too PRO for anything to ever come close.
7 years ago
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Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time (remix to Benny Benassi Presents the Biz)
7 years ago
go back from where you came
7 years ago
i was able to hold my composure until the mirror ball lowered in at 0:40, then i busted up laughing
7 years ago
simp,y awesome...so awesome i have it on replay while i do the dishes
7 years ago
Rock me Dr. Zaius
7 years ago
never watched a mucho video so many times.
7 years ago
Only those crazy euro-ravers produce premium material like this..
7 years ago
* L0RD_QU3S0 lightswitch raves *
5 years ago
* Macheesemo gyrates in his chair *
2 years ago