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Muslim SONY Blues



by mas-11262

submitted August 23rd 2011

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Don't u ever fuck with my Trinitron again!...I gotta new name for you now bitch...3rd base!
7 years ago
at least they get to ride in that pretty bus
7 years ago
Damn, a hand AND a foot? Well he probably won't do it again.
7 years ago
ya think?
7 years ago
They should give them back to him as a memento.
7 years ago
I like how they say African instead of Muslim. Freedom fighters, guerrillas, insurgents, rebels, disillusioned immigrants, angry birds even..

Just don't call them what they are, you fucking racist (religionist)?!
7 years ago
I'm a bit surprised they saw the appendages off instead of one clean hack. Also surprised that it works so well. From all the beheadings I've seen I thought removing a body part like that was hard.

I guess African hands are softer than sand-nigger necks.
7 years ago
featured in "bumfights presents: terrorists killers and middle eastern wackos"
7 years ago
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