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Camaro Crunch

Friend's Camaro after cracked out assholes in a work van hit him going 40mph. He was at a dead stop, sitting at a red light. Cops were surprised to see him standing and said this type of impact usually sprays people out through the windshield.


by mistahmagic

submitted August 23rd 2011

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Camaro Crunch
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40 mph ? thats just a fender bender
7 years ago
Probably faster than that I was being conservative so as not to exaggerate the story
7 years ago
so the driver of the van was standing ? cos if you were hit from behind you wouldnt go through the windscreen
7 years ago
True just my wording, probably more of an issue of being thrown around the inside of the car like a rag doll. People frequently die in rear collisions from hitting their head on the steering wheel or dash. My friend is over 7 feet tall which probably contributed to his walking away without major injuries.
7 years ago
Based on federal statistics for 2009, 549 people in passenger vehicles were killed in accidents while stopped (not disabled) in the traffic lane. Trying to do some wizardry and see if there's any info on rear impacts
7 years ago
From a 1994 study: The speed of impact was determined in eight of
the 16 rear impact cases which caused 30 burn fatalities. In these
eight cases, the average rear impact speed was 54 mph with
speeds ranging from 50 - 60 mph, at 7 1% overlap (7 1 % of
the rear vehicle width engaged), and collinear at 6:00
O’clock. By projecting these cases to the national sample,
the number of rear impact fire related fatalities may be
estimated between 94 and 191.

So it's pretty fuckin dangerous to get hit in the back anywhere near 50mph in an 80's vehicle I would think.
7 years ago
Seatbelts ftw
7 years ago
mullets FTW
7 years ago
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