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5th Wheel

When America built cool cars


by ClaudeBallz

submitted August 22nd 2011

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I can't parallel park to save my life
7 years ago
nah, can you imagine a soccer mom on her phone with this shit?
7 years ago
Hey now they said "even the worst drivers" Advertisers don't lie.
7 years ago
whats so hard about parallel parking? have you never driven a fork lift or pushed a shopping cart backwards? not to mention back up a trailer or camper
7 years ago
i always thought hti was one of the most billiant inventions ive ever seen.

why didnt this ever catch on and be standard in all cars?
7 years ago
Its probably way too expensive
7 years ago
more expensive than fucking 3 fucking tvs in the car and a dvd player and a auto park feature? seriously? fucking rear view cameras and motion detection shit. fuck that. this is cheap its a tire hookeed up to the drive shaft/train.
7 years ago
Tearing the rear end of a car up to put that thing in would be way expensive and would eat your trunk space. The fucking drive shaft alone on a Lexus is like $1400. But I agree, I think this was a cool invention. But you only need this in cities is the main problem. No demand. trust me, the self park on the cars that have them only accounts for about 5% of overall units of that model. Kinda sucks, I've seen it in action and it's pretty cool.
7 years ago
Why were they more technologically advanced in 1955? What happened to America?
7 years ago
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