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Breast Milk Baby


Totally appropriate


by buster-guts

submitted August 22nd 2011

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definitely mucho material.
7 years ago
Win Win Win
7 years ago
Id like to have a run at those tits tho.
7 years ago
They looked tittalating
7 years ago
Enough about the little girl, what about the mom's tits?
7 years ago
$89? Fuck that noise.
7 years ago
Would be great if they air this during Saturday morning cartoons between action figure and GI Joe commercials.
7 years ago
i think the weirdest thing about this is the fact that studies have proved that babies crying and the sucking noise and stuff they do actually stimulate production of breast milk in the chick............................................
so............ that little girls body is going through some changes i guess....

7 years ago
they tried to ban that doll in america saying it was teaching girls to go out and get pregnate at an early age . i dont know if they succseeded .
7 years ago
For a second there I got scared coz i thought the little girl was gonna expose her chest. . .i was glad she didn't.
7 years ago
Nuckenfuts's new profile pic.
7 years ago
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