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Vomitron - Contra

I was inspired to post something that didn't make a mockery of this awesome sound track.


by Pudding

submitted August 21st 2011

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japs can defintely make a soundtrack
7 years ago
upvoted solely for the description
7 years ago
downvoted after clicking play....

how the fuck is this better than the original 8bit chiptune, you fucktard???
7 years ago
oh, and call me "eurofag" all you like, but i think the probotector sprites are much cooler...
7 years ago
In Europe, Contra was called Probotector, & everything that looked even remotely human in the game was changed to a robot.

This is because Europe has this thing about shooting people. So to compromise, they turned all the people to robots because, hey, it's ok to shoot a robot, right? I don't buy that crap. I've seen Short Circuit 2 enough times to know that robots are people, too.
7 years ago
wow, thanks for explaining my comment, i guess........

7 years ago
No I was going to make fun of you for your country thinking 8 bit images of bodies bouncing back was too graphic for you... but I got side tracked... Found a youtube video of someone playing GyZor, the Euro Arcade version fully translated and what it should have been on the nes.
7 years ago
i won't even argue that shit with you. TMNT were called TMHT ("hero turtles") in most of europe cuz the word "ninja" conveyed too violent an image for a kids show and most instances of mikey using the nunchuks were edited out of the cartoon and the first movie cuz 'chuks are banned in many european countries....

on the other hand we have primetime titties and uncensored swearing on tv and topless and nudie beaches all over the place, every country has it's own silly hang-ups i guess....

and all that aside, the probotector cyborgs really do look way cooler than those topless wannabe rambo sprites, the series has more of a manga/ anime flair that way.
7 years ago
And all the weapons used (excluding the sword) were modified rice harvesting tools...

I'm watching a probotector boss run video.. the changes are totally cheesey, and the most graphically disturbing things about Contra they didn't change..

Also, unless this guy is using game genie, it looks like the bosses take a lot less to kill them.
7 years ago
can't ever trust speedrun vids you see online, prolly used an emu and hacked that shit to death...

oh, and you're wrong on the TMHT weapons thing. it's exactly like i stated earlier, dunno where you got that rice bullshit from.
7 years ago
Ancient Chinese culture.
7 years ago
only the chuks are derived from actual rice or soy bean threshes, all the other tmnt weapons have nothing to do with harvesting tools. there are weapons that do though, like the kama for example, but that has got nothing to do at all with the point i was trying to make about european censorship....
7 years ago
The country of Europe is fucking gay!
7 years ago
Contra is one of the greatest games of ALL TIME! everyone knows the code.

7 years ago
It is the greatest.
7 years ago
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