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Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

Spin around ninjaaaaaaaas


by nonavatarnoobgod

submitted August 20th 2011

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thought we had this one as well.. but my 5 second search rule couldnt find it...
7 years ago
still gonna downvote it for that embedded player bullshit...

why cant people just rip and physically upload their shit???
7 years ago
i dont know... this one not working as embedded for you as well?
it takes like 5 min to upload a video... its not like you cant just open a new tab and do it.. tahts what i do..
7 years ago
nope, not working at all.

and just getting rid of that stupid youtube watermark is reason enough for me to not sub links...
7 years ago
i submit plenty of videos as links.. i just know not to try youtube and if its a youtube video i just dl it then upload it generally
7 years ago
youtube is for the gays
7 years ago
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