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Redneck and/or Ghetto amplifier

Whichever you think is funnier.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted August 18th 2011

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Redneck and/or Ghetto amplifier
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I think he is using that as a wifi amplifier hell if it works use it lol
7 years ago
He's using it as a cellular signal booster, and it does work if you have the right shape metal bowl.
7 years ago
i would go with hacker amplifier personally
7 years ago
True, it could also get him a slightly better wi-fi signal as well. It's just focusing the waves of whatever radio he's using at the time, be it the cellular, wi-fi, or even bluetooth radio. But his laptop looks to be a newer model that would have built in wi-fi.
7 years ago
what hes doing actually is using his phone as a mobile hotspot then using it to give the laptop internet via the phones cellular signal.. its just plugged in to keep it charged since it would be eating the shit out of the phones battery im guessing
7 years ago
Didn't look at it that closely. The new smartphones charge through the mini-USB port these days, so I didn't think about him charging it. The phone companies have even got so cheap that they don't include a regular charger, the give you the plug with a USB port and a data cable. Pisses our customers with charging issues off when we send a replacement charger and it is just the plug, as the issue is almost always with the data cable, which we don't replace. They have to contact the manufacturer for that.
7 years ago
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