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Bill Frenzer - I'm Happy Now

Some of the geezers might remember this guy from the olden days.


by Jones

submitted August 17th 2011

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I think you need to quit licking your balls dog
7 years ago
this video made me very sad
7 years ago
Made you think about dead puppies, didn't it?
7 years ago
no, i just realized i'll probably look like him in a few years
7 years ago
with or without the cheese?
7 years ago
@ possum, in a couple of years?....
7 years ago
Wow, horrible.
7 years ago
do you think faggots just try to make shit like this in some lame attempt to 'go viral' on youtube or something? i cant think of any other reason
7 years ago
Ya your contact and FAQ at the bottom doesnt work.. ive been trying toget in touch to deal with the issue im having uploading my jailbaitvids .. theyre in AVI files but i always get the error "incorrect file type try again" or something.. and its irritating. what do i do? other than not posting things that will get me banned?
7 years ago
7 years ago
E:mail our host@

7 years ago
I'm honestly scared....
7 years ago
* possum considers alt-voting on this one.... *
1 year ago
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