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japanese + sword + stomach = seppuku?


by Steven_Seagull

submitted August 14th 2011

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thats the wrong sword
7 years ago
The only thing gayer than star wars are the queers that like it.
7 years ago
^ i have a bad feeling about this
7 years ago
so, your taste in movies is the same as your taste in women? non-existant....
7 years ago
It's called lowered standards.... Why should have to wine and dine a bitch if all I want is for her to spread.... If I gotta pay out the nose for sex, I'd rather skip all the bullshit and buy a hooker.. at least then I know it's a for sure thing. I don't consider myself having no taste in women, I'd call it an economically conscious sex drive.
7 years ago
you're ugly as ug and so all you get to bed are ugly ugs, just go ahead and say it!
7 years ago
Yea, I'm a chud of a man.... Still get pussy though, from hot to skank... Rather take home a sweet girl that appreciates you than a cunt who gets everything in life cause of her looks.
7 years ago
Dear Pudding,
Please post a picture of yourself.

Thanking you in advance,
7 years ago
you're missing the +doing it to yourself part of that equation... and the pics of it up on mucho seem to be koreans doing it
7 years ago
its japanese ritualistic suicide
its basically self disemboweling via the use of a knife called a tanto although i think nearly every area in asia has some sort of ritualistic suicide... although with a different name of course..
7 years ago
yes i noticed that the pic was korean, but the practice originated in japan.
7 years ago
I thought it was Japanese?
7 years ago
its both
same shit different name
seppuku or harikiri is the japanese name for it
7 years ago
yeah... i know all that... was just commenting that the pictures on mucho were korean... god :P
7 years ago
And I thought they smelled bad on the outside...
2 years ago
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