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I fought the law.

I love russia.


by Alec13

submitted August 12th 2011

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Hahaha I love how every Russian fight turns into a fucking brawl.
5 years ago
if only the brits did that in the first place there would have been no problems

but since they had to postpone a premier league game martial law will be declared soon, even though liverpool sucks anyway
5 years ago
Only in Russia do they let ordinary citizens join the cops in beating criminals.

I really must visit.
5 years ago
That was like a group deputization.
5 years ago
I think he would have won if there were onlt 10 of them.
5 years ago
Nice blood pool where they slammed his face down in the street.
5 years ago
1 month ago
I don't even try to play them anymore... I just "TADA!!!!!"
1 month ago
no werky
1 month ago
* Magawd blames boosh *
1 month ago
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