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new planet earth footage

as narrated by sir david attenborough


by DejaVu

submitted August 11th 2011

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haha Cheeky is helping out
6 years ago
not sure which ones better
this or http://muchosucko.com/78719/Fries-Joins-the-Riots
6 years ago
They are about dead even.
6 years ago
98% same DNA
6 years ago
so yer a monkey's unkle?
6 years ago
No he's a primate ... just like you and me (wow talk about a late reply)
5 years ago
rise of the apes
6 years ago
Haha, brilliant, I wanted to do the same with a pikey riot but i don't know how and can't be arsed to learn. Ah well, fuck you all.
6 years ago
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