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Bob's Most Proper Perversion


The Photoshop pic is a nice twist.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted August 10th 2011

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They taught me the block and tackle move in sixth grade and I didn't even know that I was a pedophile.
7 years ago
was having sex apparently with my ex wife hahahahah
7 years ago
It's not funny unless we laugh.
7 years ago
Really nice engineering.
7 years ago
I feel bad for the neighbor kids that peek in at the wrong time.
7 years ago
I watched the entire show One Life show. Funny Shit.
7 years ago
This seems a most reasonable arrangement.
7 years ago
Would this arrangement work with corpses as well, or would meathooks be more appropriate?
1 year ago
That's disturbing on so many levels
1 year ago
Turtle neck
1 year ago
* tinski amazons one to fries for x mas *
1 year ago
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