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chinese train fight



by muchofan

submitted August 10th 2011

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Ya know, the Chinese that DON'T know kung fu fight like bitches.
7 years ago
you know, most people who don't know how to fight, fight like bitches
7 years ago
...or wear frilly man-bikinis and post pics of it
7 years ago
sorry, somebody had to say it though

best you heard it first from a friend
7 years ago
* fries-please waits for possums frilly mankini photos *
6 years ago
Guess nationality don't matter, any time theres a fight and a camera... The shirts come off.
7 years ago
their kung fu is useless to my slapping hands
7 years ago
The one in the polo had a pen in his hand the whole time.
6 years ago
I was thinking syringe, but pen makes more sense.
6 years ago
this could have been resolved with Break Dance
6 years ago
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